This month’s challenge started out so strong. I was meditating twice a day and felt that I was having a significant breakthrough, whatever that looks like. The past several days have been rough! I find myself pausing multiple times to write down a thought or already on my computer by the time it ends. Oh, and I definitely fell asleep at least once.

I was beginning to feel pretty down about it, but today’s meditation was an incredible reminder that no meditation is ever a waste. Even though I may be distracted more than usual, I am building a muscle. Some days I am more tired, distracted, or bored than others. That doesn’t mean that the muscle I’m working isn’t getting stronger.

The practice of focusing is never a waste.

In meditation, the goal is to recognize when your thoughts are drifting and bring it back. Just like you can’t build strong, beautiful arms without stressing them, you can’t teach your mind to focus if it never wanders. It may feel like I’m getting nowhere fast, but I am actually taking a step forward with every wandering thought.

If you are on this meditation journey with me, I encourage you to not get discouraged by those days when you just aren’t focused. When your mind wanders more than usual, know that your muscles are getting a great workout. When I would fret about a particular path I was walking or which job to take, my grandmother would always say, “No experience is ever wasted.” It’s so true, and it applies beautifully to meditation. Just keep moving forward. When it gets hard, that’s when you are really growing in your practice. Keep working that focus muscle and don’t give up!

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