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I love speaking to women, especially moms and entrepreneurs. Whether speaking to professional moms in the workplace, mom groups, or associations, it is my passion to help women relentlessly pursue their purpose so they can step up and into who they were made to be….guilt-free. I do this by making principles of industrial-organizational and positive psychology accessible and making them applicable to their lives. These principles not only apply to your professional lives but home lives as well. I would love to chat with you more about serving your group or organization. Email me at Cheryl@CherylJacksonPhD.com to get the conversation started!


Engaging in a World of Uncertainty

Engagement improves performance, well-being, customer service, and satisfaction. It’s no surprise that organizations want their employees to have it, and employees have become accustomed to the organization providing it.
In this session, the audience will learn the principles of engagement and how to get and stay engaged, regardless of the situation or circumstance around them. This session is designed for mid-level employees. A leadership seminar is also available for mid-level managers outlining their role in fostering an environment to support employee engagement.

Keeping Balance on the Upswing

To many, the idea of work-life balance is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Deep down we know it doesn’t exist, but we can’t help but look. The reality is, balance can exist, but it doesn’t always look like that pot of gold. It’s not balancing the seesaw so that it doesn’t move; it’s moving up and down on either side that makes it so much fun.
In this session, the audience will begin to change their mindset from balance to focus. They will learn the techniques to accomplish more, eliminate “mom guilt” associated with time, and enhance well-being.
This workshop is designed for female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and busy moms.

SKILL of Mental Health & Well-being

While mental health remains somewhat “taboo”, more Americans are suffering from psychological distress. Busy lives, packed schedules, and constant distractions keep us stressed, depressed, and anxious. When self-care goes, mental health is not far behind.
Research shows that certain techniques can reduce depression while increasing satisfaction, productivity, and overall happiness. In this session, the audience will learn tools and techniques for improved mental health and well-being.
This workshop or keynote is designed for professionals, moms, entrepreneurs, and anyone who could use a little more sanity in their lives.

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  • Kimberly-Clark Women’s Networking Event – Chattanooga, TN
  • Lowe’s Corporate Training – Mooresville, NC
  • Walmart Corporate Training – Bentonville, AR
  • 2:1 Conference – Herndon, VA
  • GROUNDED 2020 – Online Conference
  • East Texas Parent 2 Parent Conference – Tyler, TX
  • PsychoWith6 Podcast
  • MOPS Meeting – Beaumont, TX
  • MOPS Meeting – Bryan, TX
  • Mom’s Next Meeting – Bryan, TX
  • God’s Gals Ladies’ Night Out – Bryan, TX
  • Ladies’ Tea – Houston, TX
  • BEST OF HR Forum, International – Virtual
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